Hosting Types

Hosting providers offer us a variety of different hosting plans. But what exactly we need?

Shared hosting

The cheapest hosting type is shared hosting. Shared means that many users store their files and applications on one physical or virtual server.



VPS hosting

VPS means "virtual private server". It means that hosting provider runs several virtual machines, where users can install any OS they want to host their sites.

VPS servers can have different resources depending on their price. Different providers use different virtualization schemes so there're different limitations on OS types and software the user can run.



If you experience some difficulties on configuring your VPS servers, our engineers always can help you.

Dedicated server

Dedicated servers are used for high-loaded projects where usual VPS are not enough due to performance limitation. The user rents physical server from a hosting company and configures it for his purposes.


The case user has its own powerful server and just need to place it in data center with reliable power sources and hi-speed internet connection is described as "collocation".

Mail hosting

Mail hosting means that user can host its e-mail boxes on the server. Usually the mail server gets and sends mail for some specified domain, giving it's users access to get mail by POP3 or IMAP protocols and send the mail by SMTP protocol.